Circled pearls.


These are some circled pearls.  The ones in the background are in an oyster shell.  Circled pearls have rings that pinch into the pearl and strongly affect (for the best) the color.  Circled pearls are often the most lively and have more character than other forms of pearl with the possible exception of the free form baroques.  

In America circled pearls are often called baroques which is a shame because it leaves funky and fun baroques out in the cold with no label of their own.  I'll dedicate a future blog post to the forgotten baroques.


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    Acarpcarita: December 29, 2011
    you must read for more for more detail
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    Caitlin: September 27, 2011

    I want to know more about these multi-colored circle pearls!

    More Pix, please?

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