Custom Orders

If you see a style that you like but would prefer it in another size or color, please contact us and ask if we can make a custom order for you.


A note about color & shape

There are a vast variety of colors and shapes in Tahitian pearls and it can be nearly impossible to find a very specific combination. Also, the flashier colors as seen on our website are often very rare; while we can look through our stocks and try to find similar pearls, we cannot promise anything.


A note about size

The most common sizes of Tahitian pearls are 8mm to 12mm and anything larger than this will be more difficult to source. We do not carry pearls smaller than 8mm except for keshi pearls which are  rarely round and most often come in a beautiful array of baroque shapes.


A note about time

We will try to make your custom order as quickly as possible. In most cases we will need to order supplies but should be able to make a piece in around 10 days to two weeks. Sometimes however we will be away at the farm and won't be able to do custom work until we are back at our Portland workshop. We will let you know our time frame if you reach out to us.