Rated G spearfishing video (no fish were harmed in the making of)

No fish killing here, just a little window into the underwater world of Tahiti.  Turn the sound up to hear Next Century by Marten Ten broek, a long time friend to Kamoka.

A friend of mine named of Ryan Young put together this little clip of me diving a couple of years ago.  Ryan is a talented videographer who I got to know while taking photos for a surf/dive movie sponsored by PADI, Bodyglove Wetsuits and TransworldSurf Magazine.  The movie is called "Drop Zone" and you can see the trailer here on Transworld's website: http://tinyurl.com/42lartw



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    Lakeisha: September 30, 2011

    Keep on witring and chugging away!

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    Josh Humbert: September 06, 2011

    That was a borrowed gun but average/small for Tahiti at about 160cms. For bigger fish we usually use 180cms. :)

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    Kurt: August 31, 2011


    That speargun is a monster; I’m used to little 2-footers.

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