Caring for Tahitian Pearls



How to care for, wear, clean, and store your Tahitian black pearl jewelry to keep them looking beautiful.

Tahitian pearls, like all pearls, are organic and relatively soft, but with gentle, loving care they can keep their beauty through generations. First and foremost, remember the adage "pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you should take off."



Can pearls be worn against the skin?

Yes. However, pearls can be damaged by chemicals found in lotions, cosmetics and perfumes. This is why your pearls should be put on after your hair and make up are completely done.

It varies from person to person, but perspiration can affect a pearl's surface. It's not a bad idea to wipe them clean with a soft cloth after you wear them.

How do I clean my Tahitian pearl?

To clean pearls, use a soft, damp cloth. If the pearls are particularly dirty you can use a tiny dot of mild soap to help remove grit and grime.

Does pearl jewelry require maintenance?

If you wear your pearl strands regularly it's suggested to have them re-strung once a year or more if worn daily.



Pearls can be easily scratched by metals, gem stones or any other hard substance, so it's important to store them separately from your other jewelry or wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch.

Fasten any clasps and lay the jewelry flat where it won't get tangled and jostled.

Pearls should be stored in breathable materials like silk and it's said they can become dehydrated if locked for long periods of time in a box.