About Us

A photo of a man walking across a narrow bridge towards a building over the water. It is sunset and the calm lagoon reflects the orange and pink colors of the sky.


Kamoka Pearl Farm produces pearls from oysters grown in the nutrient-rich lagoon of Ahe Atoll, 300 miles northeast of Tahiti. We are known for adhering to the strictest levels of sustainable farming in the pearl world and we've pioneered many eco-farming techniques that have not only helped the environment, but also improved the quality of our pearls.


At Kamoka Pearl:

  • Electricity is supplied by solar and wind power.
  • Fresh water comes from collecting and storing rainwater.
  • Many farms wreak environmental havoc on the local ecosystems by cleaning oysters with high powered hoses. At Kamoka Pearl we hang our oysters in shallow zones near the reef where they can be cleaned naturally by innumerable species of tropical fish.
  • By not fishing in our farming area we have created a reserve where the lagoon's fish populations can safely reproduce.
  • The protected area of our farm and our conscious efforts to the keep our underwater zone pristine conserves the coral reefs.
  • The mussel shell nuclei used in most pearl culturing has contributed to the decline of this species. At Kamoka Pearl we use nuclei made from mother of pearl --  a renewable resource of the oysters we cultivate.
  • All our farm employees live and work together in a communal setting. Because fair wages are paid and turnover is low, the farm is able to retain expertise and foster a shared sense of enterprise.


Independent tests (by the Tahitian Service de la Perlicuture) have shown that our mother of pearl nuclei produce triple the number of high-quality pearls than are made with foreign shell nuclei. Another study written about by National Geographic, has shown that our farming methods have helped to increase the area’s fish population in recent years.


We can't imaging farming any other way. It seems only natural to respect the surrounding ocean that nourishes us, produces our livelihood and fills us constantly with wonder. We hope that our pearls hold some of the love that we put in to them and the beauty of the incredible place that they come from.