Leather Care

Kangaroo leather


Our search for the strongest leather in the world lead us to kangaroo leather.  Our goal was to make jewelry that doesn't need to be taken off and can be worn in the water, to fancy hotels, on chicken buses or while climbing snowy peaks.

You can wear kangaroo leather in salt water forever, take it to any sort of extreme and it will still require no care. If it gets grimy, simply wash it with soap and water.

Kangaroos are harvested to keep wild populations healthy.  They also have dramatically less impact on the ozone than livestock and don't require precious farmland, making them the most ecological leather available. This seemed like the perfect material to pair with our sustainably produced pearls.


Deer Leather


For softer, drapier looks, deer leather can't be beat. It's extremely strong and although it can get wet, we don't suggest wearing it during water sports. This leather can absorb water so if it does get submerged for long periods, it's a good idea to dry it afterwards then use a leather conditioner.

To clean it you can lightly rub it with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Don't clean it unless it really needs it. Excess oil and grime can be absorbed by sprinkling baby powder or cornstarch on the leather, then removing the powder with a soft brush.

The deer leather we use is made in the USA using only environmentally-friendly dyes and is free of lead, mercury, formaldehyde, cadmium and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals.