Why Kamoka Pearls?

Kamoka Tahitian pearls are unique in the world for our commitment to sustainable farming and for their traceability. Every pearl on our site has been cultivated by members of our family or team from the time the oyster spat was collected in the pristine lagoon of Ahe, French Polynesia, to its eventual importation into the US.  
With Kamoka you know exactly where your pearls come from and that every step was taken with love and care. Having our distribution based in the US ensures that we can ship to clients worldwide with ease, speed and economy.
We are proud to have spearheaded the eco pearl farming movement and to continue to lead the way. Kamoka has become synonymous with sustainable pearls -- we’ve farmed and branded our pearls as such for over 20 years, long before it was cool. The Kamoka brand has become known for exceptionally high quality pearls that you can feel good about wearing. 
Our small team, Josh (pearl grafter), Celeste (jewelry maker) and Tevai (their son, tech wizard and photographer) can help you choose the right pearls and are here to answer your questions. Jasmine (the daughter, also pictured), helps with IT from time to time -- hopefully we can lure her into the family business one day too! Meanwhile Patrick (the grandfather) lives on the pearl farm in Ahe and oversees the year-round management there.