Tahitian Pearl & Aqua Sapphire Sirène Earrings

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  These sublime, one-of-a-kind, 9.2mm round Tahitian pearls are each set with a pear shaped sapphire gemstone on 14K white gold.
The pearls have exceptionally high luster and have a dark, bright green hue with lots of peacock tones of strong aubergines to the center and depth giving overtones including gold with a touch of blue.  
The faceted, 6 by 4 mm, lab-grown aqua sapphires set off the colors in the pearls with their bright light blue sparkle. Lab grown gemstones are chemically identical to naturally formed stones but are not mined and are gentler on the planet.
You can learn more about Kamoka and our lab-grown gemstones here.

Sirène means mermaid in French and these earrings are as spectacularly beautiful as any mystical creature on land or in the sea. These are an exceptional pair.
   These are one of a kind earrings and the ones you see in the photos are the exact ones you will receive.

Size: 9.2mm
Shape: Round
Color: Bright green peacock