Sustainable pearl farming is only starting to gain media attention. Kamoka has pioneered many ecological farming methods from using the local fish populations to clean oysters in lieu of destructive high-powered water hoses, to being the first farm in French Polynesia to use nuclei made from our own byproducts. We have always been dedicated to protecting the beautiful marine environment that sustains us and brings us continuous joy.


The print, web and video pages here are by no means exhaustive but will give you an idea of who we are and what we stand for. We are passionate about the integrity of our work and the beauty of our pearls and are always happy to give interviews or help arrange media visits to our farm. For media inquiries please contact us.


Our co-owner, Josh Humbert is a photographer for National Geographic Creative. For licensing information about the photos on this site or for other images of our farm, production and pearls please get in touch via our contact page.