Silvery Blue Circled 12.3mm Teardrop Hook Dangles

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These glowing, lustrous, Tahitian circled drop pearls measure a large12.3mm. They are a silvery blue hue with flashes of bright greens, pinks, and chrome with dark indigo bands throughout. The pearls are imperfect but they drowned out by their coloration and luster. 
 The pearls dangle on Sterling silver hooks with a teardrop-shaped negative space detail along the front, and measure just over 1 1/4 inches from the top of the hook to the bottom of the pearl. These very wearable yet striking pair of earrings that are easily dressed up or down.

These are one of a kind earrings and the ones you see in the photos are the exact ones you will receive. 
Size: 12.3mm
Color: Silvery Blue
Shape: Circled Drop