Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Fleur-de-lis Ring

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This sublime, one-of-a-kind, brilliant deep blue, 10mm Tahitian pearl is set on a 14K white gold band of lab-grown diamonds.
The pearl has stunning luster and is a bright, yet very dark blue-green, with a dash of gold to the center and a very strong indigo to near black halo, making it like gazing into a pool of dreamy water at midnight.
The eighteen VS F+ grade, 1-1.3mm (.005-.01 carat) lab-grown diamonds are pinpoint set on the band.
The ring is a US size 7.
A gorgeous choice for an engagement ring or investment piece.
This is a one of a kind ring and the one in the photo is the exact piece you will receive.
You can learn more about Kamoka and our lab-grown gemstones here.