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The Mana Bracelet is the result of well over a decade of experience with pearls and leather.  All three of the components: pearl, leather and mother-of-pearl bead, are things you can feel good about.
The leather is the strongest in the world.  It comes from kangaroos that are harvested to keep wild populations healthy.  Kangaroos have dramatically less impact on the ozone than livestock and don't require precious farmland, making them also the most ecological leather available.
This product was designed to be durable and to withstand an active lifestyle.  Originally created for surfers, lovers of numerous outdoor sports have adopted it for its simple elegance and ocean chic.
It is adjustable with sliding knots.  
Pearls used are 8-9.5mm semi-round, semi-baroque, baroque or circled pearls in a variety of colors. Note that we choose truly beautiful pearls for this product but each one is unique.