8 to 10mm Kamoka Loose Tahitian Pearl With Polished Shell

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Quantity: One pearl

Like harvesting an oyster, you never know what you're going to get! Except in this case, you can be sure we'll pick out a single, beautiful, sustainably farmed Kamoka pearl for you.
Pearls vary wildly in color from shimmery white to deepest pewter and every tone in between. Shape can be anything from round to baroque, from circled to acorn-shape. 
These are all imperfect pearls, each unique and one-of-a-kind with their own personalities. We do not offer drilling services on these pearls. If you want a pearl for jewelry, please see our jewelry collections.
This special package includes a small (7 to 8 cm wide), polished Pinctada maragitifera oyster shell. This is the species of oyster we farm at Kamoka and the type that made your pearl.
Each pearl and shell comes in a muslin pouch with a mother of pearl Kamoka tag and an origin card.
*Note that the shell will resemble the one in the second photo (the back of the shell) and third and fourth photos (the inside of the shell), not the first photo (an un-polished shell).*