Kamoka Pearl picture.


Last weekend I joined friends in the pearl community for good times and pearl-related activities in LA.  The party was hosted by a good friend and retail pearl genius Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise.  I flew to the Bay Area then met up with another great friend Sarah Canizzaro of Kojima Pearl.  Sarah did a brilliant job of blogging about the weekend which can be found here on her website.

After the party, I had the opportunity to get in the water just north of Malibu and was pleasantly surprised to find some excellent spearfishing.  On the flight from LAX to Oakland I packed some fish into my carry-on and I couldn't believe it when the TSA agents didn't notice them in the x-rays.  I spent the rest of the week visiting with family and friends in Marin County.  Highlights were seeing old friends and getting some good surfing in with my soon-to-be brother-in-law.

The photo above is of the solar panels that provide our farm with the energy we need for our operation.  On the horizon you can just make out the far side of the atoll so it's easy to see how such "big sky country" is ideal for solar energy.


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    Johnelle: October 01, 2011

    To think, I was confused a mitune ago.

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    Josh Humbert: August 17, 2011

    Haha, sorry to leave you out mom. :p :)

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    diana hammer: August 09, 2011

    Does your mother still live in the Bay Area?

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    Josh Humbert: August 05, 2011

    Hi Pattye,
    I lucked onto a Sheepshead, a Calico Bass and three big Opal Eyes. I left the first two with my friend and stuffed the three Opal Eyes in my pack after chilling them in the icebox. I made ceviche out of two of them and BBQ’d the third. One really tasty discovery of a fish. :)

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    Pattye: August 04, 2011

    Josh, good to know the spear fishing was excellent! What sort of fish?

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