Upside Down Tahitian Keshi Pearl Earrings


Matching yet different, each earring in this Tahitian keshi pearl dangle pair features two, light, silvery shimmery Tahitian keshi pearls: one 8.5mm and the other 5.5mm.
 They are each "upside down" from the other to make a striking, stylish look. Within the keshi you'll find greens, blues and a dash of gold. 
The earrings have been wire-wrapped by hand on 20/14 gold filled about 1 inch from 20/14 gold filled earring hooks.
Gold filled has a 14K gold layer 5 to 10 times thicker than gold plated and is a good, affordable alternative to 14K gold. A solid layer of 14K gold is mechanically bonded with the base metal interior and makes up 1/20th the metal weight. It should not tarnish and is expected to last a lifetime.