Triple Tahitian Pearl Drop 18K Gold Pendant


This absolutely stunning pendant takes three near perfect Tahitian pearls of contrasting, strong colors and stacks them in a sexy column on 18K gold.
The top 9.7mm pearl is a sky blue with flashes of violet and a slight hint of green; the middle 10mm pearl is an opalescent warm white with a pink, green and blue glow; and the bottom 10.4mm is a silvery pink, verging on mauve with green overtones. All have incredible luster and perfect skin except for one tiny pinprick blemish on the bottom pearl that's only noticeable on very close inspection.
The pearls are separated by 3mm 18K gold beads and hang in a rigid line on an articulating, 18k, modern and rectangular bale with a 3mm opening. The pendant was lovingly made in Tahiti.
Chain not included. Chains are available in our chain collection
Shape: Drop
Color: Multi
Size: 9.7-10.4mm