Silvery Blue-Green Drop Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

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These 13 highly lustrous yet imperfect, drop-shaped Kamoka Tahitian pearls, hold a stunning range of colors with emphasis on blues (flashy sky blue, silvery blue, aqua blue-green and more) that mingle with greens, golds, pinks, lavenders, pewters and silvers. Many of the circled pearls hold several colors each and you'll never tire of discovering new nuances in different types of light . 
Sizes range from 9 to 10.9mm and the length is 8 inches. 
It's finished with an easy to work, sturdy, gold filled lobster clasp (decorated lightly with a Polynesian tattoo style motif) that contrasts beautifully with the deep an bright colors of the pearls.
Color: Blue-green /multi
Shape: Circled drop
Size: 9-10.9mm