Ombre Tahitian Pearl Opera Strand

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This silky, luminous necklace features stunning, graded hues of near-blacks blending to greens and blues to silvers, Tahitian whites and aubergines, masterfully arranged to artistic perfection.
The 75 round and semi-round pearls measure 9.8 to 10.7mm to create what is visually a uniform sized strand. The subtle, hypnotic graduation of the many contrasting pearl colors make it a true Tahitian pearl masterpiece.
At 34.5 inches long (called opera length), this versatile piece can be worn long as a single strand, double-wrapped as a contrasting shorter necklace or wrapped several times around for a many-colored layered pearl bracelet.
The pearls are over-all very high (A to B on the Tahitian scale; AAAA to AAA on the GIA scale) quality with most having very clean surfaces (save for a few minor blemishes), outrageous luster and excellent color. 
The necklace is finished with a designer oval filigree 14K gold clasp.