Multi-Color Melody 8-10.5mm Tahitian Pearl Matinee Necklace

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This stunning necklace holds some of the brightest colors of our 2023 harvest. The luminous, semi-baroque Tahitian pearls measure from just a hair under 8mm to 10.5mm for a very slight graduated look.
The colors of this necklace are simply spectacular and range from lavender-pink peacock at the center, to exceptional blues, greens, golds, aubergines, a range of pastel tones and Tahitian whites. The luster is outrageous and the whole ensemble glows.

The 51 pearls are very high to top quality with the few, light imperfections drowned out by the color and luster. They are all slightly semi-baroque shapes that remain near enough to rounds to look classic, yet are far enough from being round to be interesting.

The necklace is finished with an elegant, large and secure 14K gold lobster clasp set with a lab-grown diamond.  Lab grown gemstones are chemically identical to naturally formed stones but are not mined and are gentler on the planet. You can learn more about Kamoka and our lab-grown gemstones here.

The long, 21 1/4-inch matinee length hits just above the bust line.

This is a one-of-a-kind necklace and the strand in the photo is the exact one you will receive.


Size 7.9mm to 10.5mm
Color Bright multi
Shape Semi-baroque
Length 21 1/4 inches