Mahana Carved Mother of Pearl Earrings (Gold or Silver)

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Material: Gold

These statement sized hoop earrings have been hand-carved by a Tahitian artisan on sustainably harvested mother of pearl. The shell is a byproduct of pearl farming and exhibits the natural, intense colors of the Pinctada margaritifera pearl oyster.
Each pair of these earrings is unique, from the color of the mother of pearl shell, to the design, created with artistic inspiration from the shapes and hues.
The photos show examples of the traditional motifs, that include waves, protective tiki eyes and the sun, but designs on each pair vary greatly. All are traditional Polynesian and hold mana from the islands. It's thought that each design should find the person they are meant for.
These earrings measure 50mm in diameter (2 inches) and dangle on your choice of Sterling silver or 14/20 gold filled ear wires.
Mahana means "sun" in Tahitian.