Lavender-Green Dream Tahitian Circled Pearl Strand


This unique and sublimely colorful necklace uses primarily oval-shaped Tahitian circled pearls in hues heavy on aqua, indigo, teal, pinks, greens and aubergines that come together top create an overall lavender. There are also flashes of gold and silver tones.
 The 39 pearls are masterfully blended and the high luster makes each one bring out the other. The rounder-shaped, flashy pink and green centerpiece is set off by the tones flanking it and a sea of color blends out from there.
The imperfect pearls measure 9 to 13.3mm. The necklace is 20.5 inches long and is finished with a secure, Sterling silver, wave-inspired ball clasp.
Size 9-13mm
Shape Circled
Length 20.5 inches