Dark Purple-Green Tahitian Pearl & Oregon Sunstone Pendant On Silver

$128.00 $198.00

A dark and complex green blended with purple, imperfect Tahitian pearl is paired with sustainably mined champagne colored Oregon Sunstone. The pendant is mounted on Sterling silver wire with a Sterling silver bead.
Oregon Sunstone is only found in a small area of southeastern Oregon and is the official state stone of Oregon. The stones are unique in that their copper content gives them "shiller," that makes them twinkle with subtle colors much like our pearls. 

These sunstones we use were mined by hand at the Ponderosa Mine in Harney County that offers work to Native American youth in the area who would otherwise find it difficult to find jobs.

We hope you love the pairing of our pearls with these beautiful stones as much as we do. These pieces bring our two worlds together!

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Note that the first photo is taken in studio light and the second is in natural, outdoor light. There are three pendants available.
Size: 9.5-10mm
Color: purple green
Shape: Semi-round