Dark Fashy Peacock Tahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings on Sterling Silver

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These lustrous, very slightly semi-baroque Tahitian pearls measure 9.6mm. The pearls are a stunning dark green, with very strong peacock tones of pink and red to subtler overtones of lavender and a dash of indigo. There are minor imperfections that are drowned out by the glowing color and luster.


This sterling silver 3/4-hoop earring features a ball end and a smooth, bright finish. They dangle just under 1 1/2" from top to bottom and have friction ear posts and secure ear nut back.


These are one of a kind, and what you see in the photos are the exact ones you will receive.


Size: 9.6mm
Color: Dark Flashy Peacock
Shape: Slightly semi-baroque