Dark & Light Circles Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

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These 16 incredibly lustrous, semi-baroque, lightly circled Kamoka Tahitian pearls are an alternating mix of very dark aubergines to blue-greens, light silvery blue-green and brighter, mid-tone greens with some blue and silvers. The combination, plus other multiple-colors including pinks and golds, makes the hues pop . The pearls are imperfect but show well, with the flaws drowned out by the incredible color and luster.
Sizes range from 8.7 to 10.9mm and the length is 8 inches. 
It's finished with a 18K gold plated bronze, lotus flower-shaped toggle clasp.
This one of a kind bracelet is a stunner!
Color: Multi
Shape: Circled Semi-baroque
Size: 8.7-10.9mm