Celeste's Favorite Tahitian Pearl & Chocolate Deer Leather Necklace


This is Kamoka co-owner Celeste's favorite stylish piece for everyday. It takes our Mana necklace to the next level with a truly stunning, dark yet strong silvery green-toned pearl with a subtle purple glow. The pearl is slightly imperfect yet extremely lustrous, round, and measures 10.5 mm. 
Longer strands of leather slide through Kamoka's signature mother of pearl shell bead making the piece entirely adjustable. One leather strand is finished with a semi-baroque, flashy pink-green, imperfect 9 mm pearl and the other with a nearly-black, dark green 9mm pearl. 
The entire length of the soft, supple and strong chocolate-colored deer leather lace is 48 inches and the necklace is entirely adjustable.
The pearls stay in place but are not fixed so they can be moved to wherever you want them. The necklace can be opened wide to fit over your head then adjusted to be worn tight or loose around the neck. Wear the longer, loose cords open and dangling, tied in a casual, sexy knot or wrapped around the neck for a multi-strand choker.
Get creative! There are so many ways to wear this piece. It can even be worn as a bracelet.
Note that the necklace in the studio photo is the exact one you'll receive but the one worn on the model in the outdoor photo is not and is just to show what the necklace looks like when worn.
The deer leather is made in the USA using only environmentally-friendly dyes and is free of lead, mercury, formaldehyde, cadmium and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals.