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  • Hand carved Tahitian mother of pearl spoons
  • Hand carved Tahitian mother of pearl spoons

Kamoka Pearl

Carved Tahitian Mother of Pearl Salt & Pepper Spoons

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 Each of our highly lustrous blacklip Tahitian pearl shell spoons measure 2 7/8 inches in length. The front side has been hand-carved with traditional motifs by a Polynesian artisan on Tahiti. Note that each spoon has a unique design and may not be exactly like the ones in the photo. This listing is for a set of two spoons.
The spoons are primarily an opalescent white but include shimmery graphites to greens and warm golds. The backs of the spoons hold a richer palette of color.
Use them for salt and pepper or other fine services. These add a touch of class to any table.
To learn more about the history of mother of pearl in the Tuamotus, visit our History of Tahitian Pearls page.