Black Beauty 10-13mm Tahitian Pearl Strand


This large and lovely strand is made with our darkest, most lustrous 10 to 13mm round pearls from our 2020 harvest. This is a power necklace show stopper set off with deep tones of the sea, mostly blues and greens but also flashes golds and bronze maroons. Each color adds a glow of character and interest while remaining in a harmony of dark pewter hues.
This size and color is one of the most sought after for 2021.
The 39 pearls range in size from 10 to 13mm to create a slightly graduated look. The pearls are all very high quality and the few pinprick blemishes are drowned out by the deep color and luster.
It's finished with an elegant and secure 14K gold hinged clasp that's easy to operate with one hand. The gold lights up all the colors of the pearls.
It's very wearable length, at just a few millimeters shy of 19 inches and should hit slightly above the bust on most people.


Size 10mm to 13mm
Color Dark
Shape Round
Length 19 inches