Archipelago Tahitian Pearl Chocolate Deer Leather Bracelet


Eight 8.5 to 9 mm imperfect Tahitian pearls are strung on a knotted double strand of strong, saddle brown-colored deer leather lace, with a 8.5 mm and a 11.6 mm pearls that act as a clasp -- making a total of 10 pearls. The colors range from golden green peacock and blue-green to gorgeous pinks and silvery pastels
The bracelet measures jest under 7 inches when closed around the wrist and the ten center pearls pearls can be moved around but stay in place once you have them positioned as you like.
We can make custom lengths and bracelets with more or less pearls on request.
The deer leather is made in the USA using only environmentally-friendly dyes and is free of lead, mercury, formaldehyde, cadmium and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals.