True Silver Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Necklace


One of our most wearable designs, this feminine, stylish necklace features a beautiful 10mm, true silver, round Tahitian pearl that is perfectly neutral in tone and wonderfully lustrous. The round pearl has two small imperfections visible only on close inspection.
It "floats" on a fine, sparkling 16-inch Sterling silver chain and slides smoothly via Sterling silver end caps that protect it against possible damage from friction with the chain, while adding a beautiful touch of silver.
 Our signature finish of a matching, solid pearl keshi at the clasp completes the craftsmanship.
Note that the first photo is taken in studio light and the second is in natural, outdoor light. The pearl is a medium tone so that it looks lighter in some light and darker in others.
Shape: Round
Size: 10mm
Color: Silver