Tropical Rainbow Tahitian Pearl Strand


This extraordinary, silky, luminous necklace features some of the most stunning hues from our 2020 harvest. Colors are a mix of bright, mostly light to mid-tone hues with a dash of flashy darks.
The mix is a true rainbow with sky blues, light pink peacocks, a few crazy flashy coppery chocolates (an unusual tone we got in our 2020 harvest), intense dark blue, lavenders, light greens and more. You'll constantly find new tones in this beauty depending on the light.
The 45 round to semi-round pearls measure 9 to 11.5mm. The flashy colors, masterfully blended make it a true Tahitian pearl masterpiece. There are a few minor blemishes only visible on close inspection (hover your mouse over the photo to zoom) but the pearls are all high quality.
The necklace's total length is 19 inches and the necklace is finished It's finished with a secure, 11mm round, 14K gold, flower box clasp, accentuated by a silvery Tahitian keshi pearl.