Tahitian Pearl Harvest Strand


The pearls on this one-of-a-kind strand are selected from in our very colorful 2020  harvest. This necklace features less rounds than our usual Harvest strands, and favors baroques, semi-baroques, circled and keshi pearls. 
Included are a 11mm by 18mm extra-long drop that fades from white to cherry and flashy light green, a 12.2mm surreal-looking light blue to lavender oval baroque, an ultra-bright 11mm green peacock round pearl, an 8.5mm outrageously glowing plum aubergine circled pearl, a 13.2mm midnight round pearl, a few tiny keshi pearls and so much more. The centerpiece is a nearly 14mm multi-color pastel circled, near-round pearl.
This 21.5 inch-long strand features a total of 45 ogle-worthy Tahitian pearls, each one remarkably different from the next.
This unique piece is at once classic and artistically beautiful while being extremely wearable and versatile. Kamoka's co-owner, Celeste creatively matched this Harvest strand from some of her favorite pearls.
The 14K gold flower clasp is enhanced with a dainty silvery white keshi pearl. Our Harvest bracelets are compatible to add extra length.
We can create custom harvest strands and bracelets. Please contact us if you have something special in mind.
Size 6-13.8mm
Shape multi
Color multi flashy