Tahitian Dream Semi-Baroque Pearl Rope

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The pearls on this one-of-a-kind strand are an exquisite blend of lustrous semi-baroque and circled Tahitian pearls measuring 8 to 12mm.
Colors range from gold and flashy blue-greens, to shimmery silvers, bright bronze and lavender pinks. The hodgepodge, large and small mixture makes it resemble our Harvest Strands a bit, but this beauty contains no rounds, only pearls of character. There are blemishes and imperfections but this only adds to the personality.
This 40 inch-long strand features 89 ogle-worthy pearls, each one remarkably different from the next. This longer length is great for looping into a double strand, wrapping multiple times for an armload of a pearl bracelet or knotting or wearing loose as one long strand
This unique piece is at once classic and artistically beautiful while being extremely wearable and versatile. 
The 14K gold plated silver, hinged clasp measures 23mm long and 17mm wide and finishes this necklace off in style.