Tahitian Pearl Daybreak Strand


This luminous, light to mid-tone silvery, multi-color necklace features mesmerizing flashes of aqua blues, bright greens, shimmery pinks and pastels and cool bronze. It reminds us of early tropical mornings when the sun just starts to sparkle off of a glassy, blue lagoon and the world feels new. You can get lost in the variations and how the colors enhance each other for a beautifully blended piece.
 The 49 semi-baroque, near-round-looking pearls have high luster and some small blemishes visible on close inspection.
The pearls measure 8 to 10.5mm and the necklace is 19 inches long. It's is finished with a secure and stylish14K gold filigree clasp.
This necklace can be attached with and lengthened by the 7 1/4 inch Tahitian Daybreak Bracelet. You can see the two pieces connected together in the last, natural light photo on this page.
Size 8-10.5mm
Shape Semi-baroqua
Length 19 inches