Coral Atoll Tahitian Circled Pearl Strand


This unique and sublimely colorful necklace reminds us of jewel-like islets in a luminous tropical sea -- much like the atoll where we grow our pearls. The dominant colors are bright greens, silvery blues, aubergine peacock and white but there are also plenty of golds, silvers and light pinks as well. It's like a Tahitian rainbow.
 The 43 pearls are masterfully blended and the high luster makes each tone bring out the other. The semi-baroque, flashy aubergine peacock centerpiece is set off by the shimmery white pearls flanking it and beautifully bright tones blend out from there.
The imperfect pearls measure 7.5 to 10mm. The necklace is 18 inches long and is finished with a corrugated ball safely clasp.
Size 8-10mm
Shape Circled
Length 18 inches