Dark Ocean Tahitian Pearl Bracelet


These 17 highly lustrous yet imperfect round to semi-round Kamoka Tahitian pearls, hold a range of near blacks, dark greens and blues and flashes of silver with a hint of pink. The lush combination has tons of depth and commands to be gazed at.
Sizes range from 9 to 10.5mm with a big percentage of the pearls measuring over 10mmm -- so this bracelet wears large.  The length is 7 1/2 inches. 
It's finished with an elegant, oval shaped, gold vermeil one-touch clasp that is triggered by squeeze on both sides. It contrasts beautifully with the dark pearls.
Note that these Tahitian pearls are lustrous, silky and colorful but have dimples. This piece is for people looking for unique, wearable beauty over perfection. The bracelet is priced accordingly and this particular bracelet wears as a much more expensive looking piece.
Color: Dark multi
Shape: Round/Semi-Round
Size: 9-10.5mm