Great White Pelagic Time Traveler Pendant (Silver)


A lustrous and very large Kamoka pearl, sustainably harvested from Ahe's pristine lagoon is paired with a time-blackened fossil shark's tooth from an extinct species of Great White Shark. The tooth hails from the Pliocene to Miocene Epoch (approximately two to 25 million years old). 
A happy customer has dubbed these pieces "sea angels."
This tooth was hand harvested by collectors diving along Peace River, Florida from ancient mud beds. This tooth has unusual black-on-tawny beige coloration.
These two ocean gems from radically different points in time are mounted on recycled Argentium silver wire (very tarnish resistant) to create a very striking piece. The highly lustrous, imperfect, semi-baroque pearl has a dreamy blue-green-ocean color and measures a Great-White-sized 13.8mm.
The pendant measures 2 1/4 inches from top to bottom.
The silver chain is not included in the price and can be purchased here.


10% of the retail price of this piece will be donated to Shark Savers, a branch of Wild Aid dedicated to saving and protecting the world's sharks and mantas.
Our Kamoka pearls are farmed in a lagoon teeming with sharks and we've happily seen the numbers increase over the years. We see sharks daily when we dive around the farm and their sleek beauty and awesomeness is a constant reminder of our humble place in the ocean's ecosystem. Living with sharks has taught us that these animals are something to respect more than to fear. It's an honor to share the lagoon with these strong predators, plus, their presence is one of the best indicators of a healthy reef system.