Tahitian Keshi Pearl Wave Bracelet


These unisex, sturdy bracelets feature aqua, turquoise and sand colored thread, macrame knotted to a breaking wave pattern. In the center of each is a unique, one-of-a-kind, Kamoka Tahitian keshi pearl. The pearls hail from our pristine Ahe lagoon, vary in elongated baroque shapes and are in a range of natural, beautiful colors.
The bracelets are hand knotted in Oregon on high quality polyester cord that stands up to heavy wear and water activity.
The hand-twisted cord slides through our signature, mother of pearl bead to adjust from 1 1/2 to 9 inches in diameter, and should fit most wrists. The bead holds the cord tight but also adjusts easily, enabling the bracelet to be worn for long periods without taking it off, or it can be taken off and on regularly without issue.
The macrame weaving section of the bracelet measures a little over 1 inch wide and is approximately 4 1/2 inches long.