Light Green Peacock Tahitian Pearl 10mm Stud Earrings


These highly lustrous 10.1mm Tahitian pearls are a hypnotizing shimmery, light green with strong pink tones to the center that make them glow. 
The posts and backs are 14/20 gold filled and we use large earring backs to keep them on your ears, where they should be. This lets us lower the price of the earrings (compared to our earrings on pure 14K gold) while still offering the highest quality pearls.

Gold filled has a 14K gold layer 5 to 10 times thicker than gold plated and is a good alternative to 14K gold. A solid layer of 14K gold is mechanically bonded with the base metal interior and makes up 1/20th the metal weight. It should not tarnish and is expected to last a lifetime. 
Size: 10.1mm
Color: Light Green Peacock
Shape: Round