Glorious Greens Tahitian Circled Pearl Strand


This unique and sublimely colorful necklace uses our most intensely green and blue Tahitian circled pearls from our 2020 harvest to create an absolutely dazzling piece.
Accentuating the primary tones are plenty of flashes of cherry, bronze, aubergine, golds. This pearl strand is an attention grabber and you'll never stop finding new complexities.
 The 41 imperfect pearls are masterfully blended and the high luster makes each one bring out the other. They measure 8.5 to 11mm, making the necklace 20.5 inches long.
It's finished with a secure, 12mm round, 14K gold plated, Sterling silver clasp decorated with tiny stars.
Size 8.5-11mm
Shape Circled
Length 20.5 inches