Tahitian Sunrise Half Moon Necklace on Gold (Dark)


This Tahitian mother of pearl shell half moon-shaped pendant has been hand carved by an artist on Tahiti.
Each piece measures 1 3/4 inches wide by 3/4 inch long and is wire wrapped onto an 18 inch chain. Every one of these necklaces is unique and shows the variety of light colors found in both Tahitian pearls and mother of pearl including plenty of greens, aubergines, blue and sometimes golds and whites.
The piece is finished with a small mother of pearl bead with the Kamoka logo at the clasp.

This necklace is mounted on an 18-inch 20/14 gold-filled chain.

Gold filled has a 14K gold layer 5 to 10 times thicker than gold plated and is a good, affordable alternative to 14K gold. A solid layer of 14K gold is mechanically bonded with the base metal interior and makes up 1/20th the metal weight. It should not tarnish and is expected to last a lifetime.