Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Astre Pendant

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This sublime, one-of-a-kind, ever-so-slightly baroque drop-shaped Tahitian pearl measures 11.3mm. It's set on a 14K gold ribbon-like bale, set with a single diamond. 
This rare pearl has stunning luster and bright coloration with aubergines to pinks and golds at its top, to greens and a hint of indigo at its base. The pearl has one pinprick dimple on its backside near the bale and a barely-noticeable ripple in the same area but is otherwise perfect. This is an absolutely spectacular Tahitian A grade (GIA AAAA see our grading system here) pearl!
The full-cut, bezel set lab-grown diamond measures 2.9mm (.1 carat). Lab grown gemstones are chemically identical to naturally formed stones but are not mined and are gentler on the planet.
The bale has a 3.5mm opening.
You can add a chain here.
Astre means star or heavenly body in French and this gem is certainly bright and heavenly!

You can learn more about Kamoka and our lab-grown gemstones here.
Shape: Drop
Size: 11.3mm
Color: Aubergine Peacock
Grade: Tahitian A, GIA AAAA