Light Green Peacock 9.7 to 10mm Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Necklace on 14K White Gold

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One of our most wearable designs, these feminine necklaces feature an outrageously lustrous, round Tahitian pearl that measures just under or exactly 10mm in diameter.
These are shimmery beauties with light silvery green bodies and tons of overtones including pinks and golds to the center and strong green glows. These are colorful pearls with tons of depth! There are few, very minor imperfections that are drowned out by the gorgeous color and luster.
The pearls slide on a sparkling, adjustable, 16-17-18 inch 14K white gold chain via 14K gold end caps that protect them against possible damage from friction with the chain, while adding a beautiful touch of white gold.
 Our signature finish of a solid pearl keshi at the clasp completes the craftsmanship.


Shape: Round
Size: 9.7 to 10mm
Color: Light green peacock