Double Tahitian Pearl & Leather Lariat

$298.00 $480.00

This unique and very wearable design uses a more slender kangaroo leather cord for a feminine look. One 10.5mm and one 11mm, near-round baroque pearls can be worn with the lasso clasp to let one or both pearls dangle.
The larger bottom pearl is a lovely light silver with a touch of pink and green, while the contrasting top pearl is a bronze-gold.
The length of the necklace from the end of the loop to the top of the first pearl is 16 inches. The two pearls together add a two-inch dangle.     
The "Mana Necklace" is the result of well over a decade of experience with pearls and leather.  All three of the components: pearl, leather and mother-of-pearl bead, are things you can feel good about.
The leather is the strongest in the world.  It comes from kangaroos that are harvested to keep wild populations healthy.  Kangaroos have dramatically less impact on the ozone than livestock and don't require precious farmland, making them also the most ecological leather available.