Triple Tahitian Pearl Pendant


This absolutely stunning pendant takes three Tahitian pearls of contrasting, strong colors and stacks them in a sexy column on 18K gold.
The top 8.6mm pearl is an intensely flashy aubergine peacock; the middle 9.4mm pearl is a warm Tahitian white; and the bottom 10.2mm is a stunning, bright, golden green peacock. All have incredible luster. The center white pearl has a minor dimple on the back and an even more subtle one on the front and the bottom pearl has a small bump and some blemishes on its backside. None of the imperfections should be visible when worn.
The pearls hang in a rigid line on an articulating, 18k gold, modern bale with a 3mm opening. 
Chain not included. Chains are available in our chain collection
Shape: Subtle drop
Color: Multi
Size: 8.6-10.2mm