Tahitian Pearl Harvest Bracelet


  The 17 Tahitian pearls on this one-of-a-kind, Kamoka original bracelet were selected from our very colorful 2020 harvest.
Shapes and sizes range from a 4mm keshi pearl to a 10.8mm gold to flashy dark aubergine drop-shaped pearl. Other pearls include a very bright 10mm round peacock green pearl, a dreamy silvery blue 10.8mm slightly baroque oval, a stand out golden 8.5mm semi-baroque with a flash of pink and a very baroque silvery white 6mm keshi pearl. 
There are less rounds and more baroques, circled and semi-baroques on this bracelet than our usual harvest bracelets since they were selected by Kamoka co-owner Celeste who is partial to unique shapes and bright colors. 
The 7 1/2 inch-long bracelet is classic and artistically beautiful while being extremely wearable and versatile. 
The 14K gold flower clasp is enhanced with a dark silvery aubergine keshi. The bracelet is compatible with our harvest strands to add extra length.
We can create custom harvest strands and bracelets so please contact us if you have something special in mind.