Silvery White Tahitian Baroque Pearl Strand


This unique necklace uses our most glowing, silvery white Tahitian baroque pearls to create a necklace that's classic yet artistically interesting and sure to draw attention.
The very light silvery white tones are accentuated by subtle flashes of pinks, blues and golds. The shapes are natural-looking and irregular yet stay within the realm of round, oval and slightly drop-shaped.
 The 47 slightly imperfect pearls are masterfully blended and the high luster makes each one bring out the other. They measure 8.5 to 11mm, making the necklace 20.5 inches long.
It's finished with a secure, 9.25mm round, 14K gold, textured twist ball clasp with a matte finish.
Size 8.5-11mm
Shape Baroque
Length 20.5 inches